Saturday, June 25, 2011

Critters of Belize/ attack of the Coatimundi

Yup you knew it was coming......
    If you are afraid of spiders, snakes, and other creepy crawlies then stop being a baby and realize that these guys are great for people! They kill vermin, insects, and other stuff we "hate" even more. Of course I love them all but it seems like a good argument to get the anti spider lovers on my side : )
   I see creepies all the time here and only wish I had my camera and was quick enough to get pics. A few things I did not photograph that I wish I had was the huge scorpion I almost stepped on in my room in the dark when I got up in the middle of the night and the see through teeny version of a praying mantis I saw the other day.

He has blue legs! How are you not impressed!?

ok this isn't a creepy crawly but it definitely falls into the creepy category. What you are looking at is a carving done out of tinned meat. That's right meat in a can. Terrifying

This guy was huge and just sitting in the driveway getting some sun. I tried to give him a hug but he whipped his tail at me. I don't think he wanted a hug....

ok you can't actually see the creepy crawlies in this pic so I will describe them. The other day it flooded and the pic above is where a pond randomly showed up. What's funny is this is part of the yard so to see ducks swimming through "the yard" makes my day. Anyway, what you can't see is in this pond their are clump of fire ants. They create a sort of moving raft amongst themselves, always rotating so that no one drowns. What's scary is that they do this until they find land or whatever else wanders their way, then they attach themselves to whatever they have found. Note to self, do not approach fire ant raft....

found this guy in the garage

again, this falls into the creepy section. Apparently these naked upper barbie halves were cake toppers. And to answer your question, no their were not clothes to purchase next to them. 

snake in the chicken coop

another snake in the chicken coop

us trying to decide if the snake is venomous or not before we try to remove him

iguana going for a swim


hair styling session : )

Friday, June 24, 2011

Green Iguana Exhibit-San Ignacio

I recently did the Iguana tour at the San Ignacio Hotel and it was amazing. Unfortunately Iguanas are threatened here because their eggs are considered a delicacy. The hotel funds a program to go out and collect iguana eggs before they are taken for food by people. Once the little ones hatch they are cared for by a dedicated team of animal lovers for about two years until they are big enough to release back into the wild. This program is amazing and I only wish their were more like it here in Belize.

this little guy just hatched out a half an hour before I arrived!

salad bar is open!

my blog of dedication to Harry and Arnold (and the other "pets")

What's cute about this pic is this is the bag I am taking with me in a few days up to the primate sanctuary for a month. Apparently Arnold wants to play with monkeys too!

time to make bird cake!