Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1st 2011

At 2pm this afternoon Gringo was laid to rest. He was surrounded by people that loved him dearly as he peacefully fell asleep. It feels very empty here at Casa and I don't know how long it will take before any of us can walk past his pasture without shedding a tear. Although I had just met Gringo I could tell that he was happy and well taken care of. For the past few days we would not walk past him without offering a treat of some sort. I learned that he loved cantaloupe and freshly made honey muffins but hated cucumber and that if I had an apple he would run towards me but only meander if it was a lowly carrot. It's very quiet here this evening and you can feel the sadness all around as we grieve for our lost friend. R.I.P. Gringo, you were a wonderful horse and lived a long and wonderful life. 

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