Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 28th, 2011 Mexico trip of doom-Day 2

So the morning started off wonderful today. Dennis treated us to breakfast. Hayley and I played a game of how long until Dennis notices the big chunk of oatmeal on his face. Then we enjoyed our last few hours in the pool.

We dropped Dennis off at the airport and although I knock him about stuff he really is a very giving and nice person (to people he knows). Plus who else would let two girls drive off in his vehicle in Mexico : )
 We had decided to drive down to Tulum and stay the night there. Hayley picked the place which was a hostel and I learned very quickly I don't like hostels, no matter how cheap they are. So we got our room keys and went to check out the town. We found an amazing vegan restaurant and lots of weird stuff at the shops along the main road.

After that we went and checked out the beaches.

After exploring we went back to the hostel and got online for a bit and had some drinks. I got into a deep and meaningful conversation about birds and the Hayley and I decided we needed food. So we went and ate and drank and then went somewhere else and drank, and then another place and drank. I remember bits and pieces of the evening like someone trying offer us shots of tequila and me refusing because there was a worm in the bottle. Then I remember that the bar was closed but we were still in it. Then I remember ending up at some sort of bar/music venue. After that it gets quite blurry. I remember trying to crawl into bed which was of course the top bunk and accidentally putting my foot in his face and that's about it.Luckily I try to document things so they can be pieced back together later

I can definitely tell you this much. I was very very thankful that the last bar we stopped at was across the street from the hostel.
Dear Tulum, you kicked my ass

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