Friday, January 14, 2011

January 14th 2011 Day three

I saved my first bird yesterday. Coincidentally it is the same type of bird I saved on one of my last days in the U.S. A pigeon!! Technically I didn't really save him though. Ricky, the eco-lodge manager received him about three days before I got here. He was letting him walk around the grounds and I came across him. He was thin and begging for food! Apparently he was raised by a little boy and then some americans who gave him to Ricky to have as a pet. I am not completely sure, but I think he is still a baby. Either that or he never learned how to be a pigeon. His beak is slightly deformed, probably due to lack of a proper diet, but I think it will fix itself over time. He weighed 170 grams last night when I put him to bed. He is so thin that even after I fill up his crop he still begs for food out of hunger.

Their are two other birds here that are permanent residents and I have been spending most of my time with them. The first is Captain Jack and the second is Elmo. I will post pics soon. I made them scrambled eggs this morning with garlic and greens and it made me think of my birds at home which put a nice smile on my face.

I need to go into town to hunt down supplies for baby bird season but am still a bit too nervous to drive here, which means I would have to walk, which also seems a bit dangerous over here. Maybe tomorrow. Also, I'm going to find out when the biologist from the US is coming down. If he is coming down soon maybe my oh so generous friends can send supplies to him to send to me. It's going to be an interesting baby bird season without a microwave, a phone, or any of the supplies I need for bird diets regularly available in town.

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