Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 20th 2011

So the past few days have been pretty uneventful. I'm just trying to set everything up for baby bird season at this point so that I'm ready when it begins. The pigeon is starting to eat seed on his own which is wonderful! He still acts like a baby though and attacks my toes when I go into his enclosure to feed him.
Today I learned that in Belize people let their horses wander like people do at home with their dogs and cats (and on occasion cows) I met one of these wandering horses after watching him stroll past my window and then try to come into the dining room. I decided he might need a snack and a drink of water during his travels so I set out to find a carrot and fill up a huge mixing type bowl full of water. Ten minutes later I was covered in water after falling in a hole. It was so ridiculous to me, just the thought of wandering out in the yard in Belize with a mixing bowl of water after a horse that I burst into laughter. As I did the horse turned around and walked right up to me, drinking what was left of the water. I ended up filling that bowl three more times and each time I walked out of the kitchen the horse came walking towards me eying the bowl. Although I almost broke my ankle and I was completely soaked after the ordeal I was glad I could help him out during his travels.

Also, I met one of the neighbors last night:

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