Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 26th, 2011

Today I spent almost an hour chasing after a Pygmy Owl on the grounds trying to get a good picture. I was unsuccessful but had a great time watching him watch me and actually saw a second one fly in for a brief moment. Keeping my fingers crossed for super cute baby pygmy owls!

This is the pic I got. If you look at it carefully you can make out his face.

And in case you want to see a good pic of one: 

We also put Elmo, one of our residents back in his large enclosure today. He seemed super excited and let us know by preening and calling out to his wild Toucan friends.

One more side note, does anyone know how I would go about bringing a dog and some pet mice back into the states with me?


  1. I'm in love with Elmo. I love how he posed for the picture!

  2. a dog? you've been there a week and you already got a dog?

  3. Here you go: